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Accountancy Europe : how to proactively manage Money Laundering risks?

Money laundering (ML) has devastating consequences. It promotes crime and corruption that weaken our economies and damage social wellbeing. Citizens and governments lose over €110 billion to financial crime and 2 to 5% of global GDP is estimated to be laundered every year. It is critical to ensure that the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (TF) is effective and efficient. This has led Accountancy...

A corrupting influence: the infiltration and undermining of Europe's economy and society by organised crime

The EU SOCTA 2021 is the outcome of a detailed analysis of the threat of serious and organised crime facing the EU, providing information for practitioners, decision-makers and the wider public. As a threat assessment, the SOCTA is a forward-looking document that assesses shifts in the serious and organised crime landscape. The SOCTA 2021 sets out current and anticipated developments across the spectrum of serious and...

Transparency International EU welcomes breakthrough on corporate tax transparency

After years of deadlock, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council managed to secure Member State agreement on so-called public country-by-country reporting (CBCR) by multinationals.[1] This is a significant step towards greater corporate tax transparency that will allow citizens to see for the first time how and where large companies pay their taxes. “We applaud the Portuguese Presidency for achieving this result. The interests of citizens...

How Covid-19-related crime infected Europe during 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a global public health crisis, it has also proven to have a significant and potentially long-lasting impact on the serious and organised crime and terrorism landscape in Europe as well as the ability of Member State law enforcement authorities to counter security threats. Download the report "How COVID-19-related crime infected Europe during 2020" Since the beginning...