A10-Point Plan to cut Oil Use by IEA

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With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine resulting in lower supplies to oil markets ahead of peak demand season, IEA 10-Point Plan proposes actions to ease strains and price pain.

The new report also includes recommendations for decisions to be taken now by governments and citizens to transition from the short-term emergency actions included in the 10-Point Plan to sustained measures that would put countries’ oil demand into a structural decline consistent with a pathway towards net zero emissions by 2050.


The 10 key actions

> Reduce speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h
Impact*: Saves around 290 kb/d of oil use from cars, and an additional 140 kb/d from trucks

> Work from home up to three days a week where possible
Impact: One day a week saves around 170 kb/d; three days saves around 500 kb/d

> Car-free Sundays in cities
: Every Sunday saves around 380 kb/d; one Sunday a month saves 95 kb/d

> Make the use of public transport cheaper and incentivise micromobility, walking and cycling
Impact: Saves around 330 kb/d

> Alternate private car access to roads in large cities
Impact: Saves around 210 kb/d

> Increase car sharing and adopt practices to reduce fuel use
Impact: Saves around 470 kb/d

> Promote efficient driving for freight trucks and delivery of goods
Impact: Saves around 320 kb/d

> Using high-speed and night trains instead of planes where possible
Impact: Saves around 40 kb/d

> Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist
Impact: Saves around 260 kb/d

> Reinforce the adoption of electric and more efficient vehicles
Impact: Saves around 100 kb/d

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Source : IEA, april 2022

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