European Commission : on line tax event ...

Wondering how taxation can support growth in a post-COVID world? Concerned about the thin line between healthy tax competition and aggressive tax policies? Advocating for less red tape and more tax compliance?

Then join Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, German Minister for Finance Olaf Scholz, MEP Irene Tinagli, as well as NGO and business representatives, for an interactive 2-hour digital event on the challenges and opportunities of the “new normal” for the EU economy.

The event will be live-streamed on Twitter, Youtube and EbS. Throughout the discussions, the audience will be able to give their input and ask questions on

To access, please go on the day of the event on and enter the event code “FairTaxationEvent”.

Once you have accessed the virtual room you can ask your questions.

Source : European Commission - "Fair and simple, the role of taxation in recovery and long-term growth"


    • healthy tax competition
    • aggressive tax policies
    • red tape
    • Tax compliance